2015 Methodology Review: independent experts meet to evaluate next Index methodology

16 June 2015 |
On 17 June, the Expert Review Committee will gather in Haarlem to review key methodology proposals for the next Access to Medicine Index and the first Access to Vaccines Index.› Read more

Catch-up: How do pharma companies support MDG5?

24 June 2015 |
Catch-up with the web discussion co-convened by the Access to Medicine Foundation, the UN Foundation and Family Planning 2020 about how pharmaceutical companies’ are improving access to maternal health and contraception. The discussion centers on a landscape study recently published by the Access to Medicine Foundation. › Read more

2015 Methodology Review: targeting key aspects of the Index analysis

13 May 2015 |
The Access to Medicine Foundation is now reviewing the Index methodology in preparation for the next Access to Medicine Index. With stakeholder engagement as a central pillar, the 2015 Methodology Review focuses on key aspects of the Index analysis. › Read more

Access to Vaccines Index: introducing the first principles

12 May 2015 |
The Access to Medicine Foundation has started the development of a new Index, focused exclusively on vaccines. It will measure and compare the efforts of vaccine manufacturers to make vaccines accessible for people living in developing countries.› Read more

New Research: How pharmaceutical companies address access to maternal and reproductive health

9 April 2015 |
Every day, an estimated 800 women die during pregnancy and childbirth due to preventable causes. Today, the Access to Medicine Foundation publishes the first landscape study of pharmaceutical companies’ responses to MDG 5 to help improve this situation.› Read more

April 9: WHO seminar on Access to Medicine Index; BioPharma Sustainability Roundtable

31 March 2015 |
In April, representatives of the Access to Medicine Foundation have been invited to lead a WHO seminar in Geneva and speak at the BioPharma Sustainability Roundtable in Cambridge, USA.› Read more

Pharma companies discuss 2014 Index performances

10 February 2015 |
The 2014 Access to Medicine Index identifies clear opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to improve access to their products. During a month of individual evaluation sessions, companies and the Index team discuss how to make the most of their potential.› Read more

Access to Medicine Index receives funds from the Postcode Loterij

27 January 2015 |
The Postcode Loterij in the Netherlands has awarded one of its 2015 annual grants to the Access to Medicine Foundation. The cheque was presented at the Postcode Loterij’s annual ‘Goed Geld Gala’ event in Amsterdam on 26 January.› Read more

Recap: launch of the 2014 Access to Medicine Index

25 January 2015 |
Since publication, the 2014 Access to Medicine Index has been discussed widely in the media, at events and in one-on-one meetings with stakeholders. This article recaps these activities and sets out where to find out more.› Read more

2014 Access to Medicine Index at the European Parliament – open invitation

22 January 2015 |
On 4 February, the 2014 Access to Medicine Index will be launched at the European Parliament in Brussels. Index Head of Research, Jayasree K. Iyer, will present the latest ranking of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies.› Read more

Davos 2015: Wim Leereveld on health systems design

19 January 2015 |
On January 22, during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Index CEO and founder Wim Leereveld will be in Davos to discuss the strategic design of health systems, including how to select, incubate and scale up those initiatives that hold the most promise. › Read more

Inside the 2014 Access to Medicine Index investor meetings

20 December 2014 |
In the weeks following the publication of the 2014 Access to Medicine Index, four investor meetings about the new Index took place: in London, Paris, Basel and New York City. Here we provide an overview of the central themes of discussion at these events.› Read more

Licensing medicines for HIV/AIDS: critical mechanism for ending the epidemic

1 December 2014 |
For World Aids Day, the Access to Medicine Index has analysed the licensing practices of the top 20 research-based pharmaceutical companies to assess how they are contributing to global efforts to combat HIV/AIDS.› Read more

2014 Access to Medicine Index – More being done, but progress is uneven

17 November 2014 |
The world’s leading pharmaceutical companies are doing more to improve access to medicine in developing countries, with a raft of new initiatives, scale-ups and innovations over the last two years. However, the industry struggles to perform well in some practices that matter, according to the 2014 Access to Medicine Index, published Monday.› Read more

2014 Access to Medicine Index – to be published November 17

15 October 2014 |
“We have the clearest ever picture of how the pharmaceutical industry is performing, and a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a leader,” Wim Leereveld, Index CEO and Founder.› Read more

Investor meetings – 2014 Index in London, Paris, Basel, NYC

15 October 2014 |
Following its launch, the 2014 Access to Medicine Index will be presented to investors and other stakeholders at a series of meetings, hosted by Aviva Investors, Amundi Asset Management, Bank J. Safra Sarasin and Boston Common Asset Management.› Read more

Deutsche Bank draws on Access to Medicine Index for pharma analysis

23 September 2014 |
Titled “Tropical diseases; social responsibility, neglected market”, the new Deutsche Bank Markets Research report draws significantly on the 2012 Access to Medicine Index.› Read more

Wim Leereveld to address WHO, WIPO, WTO symposium

1 September 2014 |
The symposium will take place on 5 November 2014 in Geneva, and will be opened by the Directors-General of the WHO, WIPO and WTO. Index Founder Wim Leereveld will address the changing role of pharmaceutical companies.› Read more

Joep Lange will be greatly missed

18 July 2014 |
We were deeply saddened to learn that HIV pioneer Joep Lange died in the aircrash above Ukraine on 17 July. Joep Lange was a member of the Foundation’s Advisory Committee. He was one of the earliest supporters of the Access to Medicine Foundation, and remained always ready to lend his strength and advice. His commitment to improving global health was almost unmatched.› Read more

2014 Index: point-by-point analysis begins

17 June 2014 |
The analysis at the heart of the 2014 Access to Medicine Index has begun: the Index team is now conducting a point-by-point comparison of companies’ performances, policies and practices for improving access to medicine.› Read more

Data-collection update: clarification has begun

9 April 2014 |
Data-collection for the 2014 Access to Medicine Index has entered the next stage: following a detailed evaluation of the data by the analysts, the 21 pharmaceutical companies have started clarifying and supplementing their information. Head of Research, Jayasree K. Iyer explains further.› Read more

R&D for TB: medicines against drug-resistant TB is the main focus for big pharma

22 March 2014 |
Nine million people suffer from TB, and three million TB patients have no access to treatment. For World TB Day, the Access to Medicine Index analysed data from the 2012 Index and public sources to see where the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies are focusing their clinical-trial efforts to tackle this disease: on new TB vaccines and drugs, and on drug-resistant strains of TB.› Read more

Access to Medicine Index in world's 3 most credible sustainability ratings

18 February 2014 |
In the 2013 Polling the Experts survey by GlobeScan/SustainAbility, experts have placed the Access to Medicine Index in the three most credible sustainability ratings worldwide.› Read more

The Lancet Global Health publishes longitudinal analysis

31 January 2014 |
In a letter published today in The Lancet Global Health, Professor Hans Hogerzeil and members of the Foundation's Research Team set out the method and findings of the first longitudinal analysis based on the Access to Medicine Index.› Read more

Ten years on, the role for the Index continues to grow

28 January 2014 |
It is ten years since work began on the first Access to Medicine Index. To mark this milestone, the Foundation brought together many of the people who helped make the Index a reality. Held on 23 January, the event provided a timely opportunity to assess the path ahead for the Index.› Read more

Data collection starts for the 2014 Access to Medicine Index

13 January 2014 |
Today marks the start of the data collection process for the 2014 Access to Medicine Index. Over the next few months, pharmaceutical companies will submit their data using our online platform, which is set up to ensure that the data is as concise, relevant and of the highest quality possible.› Read more

Seasons Greetings!

17 December 2013 |
A lively year of engagement with various stakeholders has passed, leading to our revised methodology and a fresh eye on 2014. We now turn our focus to the 2014 Access to Medicine Index, preparing for data submission by the 21 companies, as well developing other features of the Index.› Read more

Access to Medicine Index places more emphasis on how well pharmaceutical companies respond to patient needs

12 November 2013 |
- Refined methodology to measure Big Pharma's initiatives in more countries for more diseases -› Read more

Sustainalytics named 2014 Access to Medicine Index Research Partner

1 October 2013 |
The Access to Medicine Foundation has selected Sustainalytics as its research partner for the 2014 Access to Medicine Index. Following a competitive tender process, Sustainalytics emerged as the top candidate due to the firm’s expertise in environmental, social and governance (ESG) research and analysis and its dedicated pharmaceutical industry analysts.› Read more

New England Journal of Medicine publishes Index Perspective article

5 September 2013 |
Today, the New England Journal of Medicine is publishing a Perspective article written by Hans Hogerzeil. The article sets out the methods of the Access to Medicine Index, touching upon the 2012 Index’ key findings and trends.› Read more

BNP Paribas becomes newest Index signatory investor

13 August 2013 |
BNP Paribas Investment Partners, one of Europe’s largest investment groups with €503 billion in assets under management and advice, is the latest addition to the group of investors supporting the Access to Medicine Index.› Read more

Experts define opportunities for collaboration and measurement in Accra

9 July 2013 |
On June 25th and 26th, 2013, 18 key access to medicine experts met with senior managers and researchers from the Access to Medicine Foundation in Accra, Ghana, to jointly discuss important aspects of the balance between affordability, quality and safety of medicines in Africa and other parts of the developing world.› Read more

Expert Review Committee meets to discuss Index methodology

10 June 2013 |
Each Index cycle we fine-tune the methodology based on stakeholder feedback and input from experts. On 6 June 2013, the Expert Review Committee (ERC), chaired by Hans Hogerzeil, reviewed the scope, indicators and weighting of the indicators by discussing trends in the changing landscape.› Read more

Ghana meeting to address affordability and quality of medicine

12 June 2013 |
How can pharmaceutical companies work with various stakeholders involved in ensuring functioning health systems in developing countries to provide affordable medicine for the people who need it most? And how can they better partner with national and regional players to support the strengthening of national pharmacovigilance systems?› Read more

Pharma eager to make access work in practice

3 June 2013 |
On 7 May, high-level representatives from the top 20 pharmaceutical companies covered in the Index came together in a Strategic Access to Medicine Workshop. Hosted by the Access to Medicine Foundation team and facilitated by Sophia Tickell and Becky Buell from Meteos, the workshop took place in a constructive atmosphere and clearly revealed that the industry is open to more collaboration.› Read more

New Expert Review Committee to meet in June

24 May 2013 |
On June 6th, the Expert Review Committee (ERC) for the 2014 Access to Medicine Index will gather to work on the next Index methodology. This committee is comprised of renowned experts representing various stakeholder groups, and their contributions will ensure that the methodology for the upcoming Index is as balanced and robust as possible.› Read more

Foundation brings companies together to discuss access strategies

3 May 2013 |
On May 7th, 2013, the Access to Medicine Foundation will host a Strategic Access to Medicine Workshop for high-level representatives from the top 20 pharmaceutical companies covered in the Access to Medicine Index.› Read more

2013: Focus on methodology

10 April 2013 |
After the launch of the 2012 Access to Medicine Index in November 2012, the Foundation officially entered a new ‘Index cycle’, the two-year process culminating in the publication of the next Access to Medicine Index.› Read more

Open invitation for feedback: 2012 Access to Medicine Index

12 February 2013 |
The Access to Medicine Foundation invites you to share your thoughts about the 2012 Access to Medicine Index in our short online survey. Because of the large amount of feedback we are still receiving, we have decided to extend the response deadline by one week to March 4th, 2013.› Read more

Foundation strengthens in-house research capacity

29 January 2013 |
In a drive to strengthen our in-house research capacity for the coming Access to Medicine Index cycles, the Foundation has recently appointed Jayasree Iyer as new Head of Research.› Read more

Global media coverage of the 2012 findings

18 December 2012 |
Since its launch on 28 November, a wide variety of media outlets have featured the 2012 Access to Medicine Index findings.› Read more

Top pharma investment analysts discuss 2012 Index

13 December 2012 |
On 6 and 12 December, the Foundation presented the 2012 Index findings to 50 top pharmaceutical analysts at three meetings, hosted by Goldman Sachs in London, Amundi Asset Management in Paris and our research partner MSCI ESG Research in New York.› Read more

Longer lives, shifting burdens

17 December 2012 |
Index researchers recently attended the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 presentation and a conference hosted by DNDi, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine on innovations in treating neglected patients and populations.The expertise gathered from these events will be considered when developing the methodology for the next Access to Medicine Index. › Read more

Media have their say on the 2012 Access to Medicine Index

28 November 2012 |
Various media outlets have reported on the findings of the 2012 Access to Medicine Index since its launch on 28 November. Examples of the coverage can be found in the links below and a full overview is available in our In the Media section.› Read more

Index to be published 28 November 2012

6 November 2012 |
The analysis is nearing completion and we are happy to announce that the 2012 Access to Medicine Index will be published on Wednesday, 28 November.› Read more

Increasing the robustness of the Index through expert review

2 November 2012 |
Analysing the data provided by the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and cross-checking it with other sources involves a thorough process that takes at least two months. This year, to make the Index even more robust, we engaged some of the best experts in the field of global health to support the team in this process by providing technical review of the analysis.› Read more

Rate the Raters asks the experts

14 September 2012 |
In the latest Rate the Raters expert survey, the Access to Medicine Index is ranked among the top five raters with respect to credibility. A total of 850 sustainability experts from businesses, NGOs and academic institutions in 70 countries completed the survey, which evaluated rating systems measuring company performance in single or multiple facets of sustainability.› Read more

Gates Foundation and Dutch government extend financial support

10 September 2012 |
Over the next five years, the Access to Medicine Foundation will receive funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These commitments follow the recent announcement of a four-year grant from the British Department for International Development.› Read more

Long-term support from DFID strengthens ATMF

7 June 2012 |
The UK Department for International Development will be funding the Access to Medicine Foundation in the coming four years. This will substantially strengthen the Foundation’s financial position.› Read more

Index 2012 - 80% submitted

1 June 2012 |
The data collection and initial analysis for the 2012 Index, scheduled for October 2012, is well underway. All of the companies have submitted their data on schedule, constituting already 80% of the data. The staggered approach to data collection will bring the remaining 20% by the end of the month. The MSCI analysts have begun preparing the data for scoring.› Read more


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