The top 20 pharmaceutical companies have implemented a raft of new initiatives in the last two years. Yet in two important areas, progress remains static.

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The industry pipeline is concentrated on five diseases. Five companies are developing more than half the products for developing countries.

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Half of the companies in the Index are developing medicines tailored for children, with 7% of the overall research pipeline being devoted to “child-size” medicine.

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More companies are tailoring their prices to different segments of national populations.

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New study

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2014 Index Ranking

Latest News

WHO Bulletin publishes Foundation's latest research: how big pharma addresses access to hepatitis C drugs

24 November 2015 |

The Bulletin of the World Health Organization has published the latest study from the Access to Medicine Foundation: on how the world’s largest pharma companies are improving access to hepatitis C treatment.

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Pharmaceutical companies come to Amsterdam: workshop on latest Index methodology

17 November 2015 |

On 18 and 19 November, the Access to Medicine Foundation will run a workshop in Amsterdam for 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies with a role to play in improving access to medicine.

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2016 Access to Medicine Index to place high emphasis on how pharmaceutical companies perform

29 October 2015 |
The Access to Medicine Foundation has published its latest methodology for benchmarking pharma companies on their efforts to improve access to medicine. The methodology for the 2016 Access to Medicine Index places greater emphasis on company performance.› Read more

Jayasree K. Iyer becomes Executive Director of the Access to Medicine Foundation

21 October 2015 |
As of October, 2015, Jayasree K. Iyer is Executive Director of the Access to Medicine Foundation, taking over from Wim Leereveld. Wim Leereveld will join the Foundation’s Supervisory Board.› Read more

New Research: promising vaccine candidates and persistent R&D gaps

30 September 2015 |
A new study by the Access to Medicine Foundation identifies promise in the vaccine pipeline from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Certain vaccine candidates are clearly supported by plans for facilitating their future accessibility, yet such planning ahead for access does not appear to be consistent or widespread.› Read more

What Leaders Say

Dr. Margaret Chan
Director-General, World Health Organization
"The Access to Medicine Index is a very important project. What gets measured, gets done."
Bill Gates
Chairman of Microsoft Corporation, Co-Chair and Trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
"When I talk to executives from pharmaceutical companies they tell me that they want to do more for neglected diseases, but they at least need to get credit for it. The Access to Medicine Index does exactly that."
Justine Greening
Justine Greening
The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for International Development, UK
This year’s index shows that the pharmaceutical industry has made progress in improving access to vital medicines for the globe’s poorest people, helping to tackle some of the world’s worst diseases. The deadly Ebola outbreak reminds us that there is still much to be done to stop the spread of diseases in developing countries.
Lilianne Ploumen
Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, the Netherlands
“The Access to Medicine Index mobilizes the strength of the private sector, impacting the lives of millions of the most vulnerable people on earth. It showcases the synergy of aid, trade and investment.”
Knut Kjaer
Former CEO of RiskMetrics Group, Former CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) (1997-2007)
"Companies are beginning to understand that the value of corporate social responsibility programmes is not only the opportunity to do the right thing but that it's good for business as well. The Access to Medicine Index provides companies with a chance to improve performance and explore new business models while helping societies in need."

In the Media

Fortune talks to the Access to Medicine Foundation for new list: 50 Companies Changing the World

20 August 2015 |

Fortune reached out the Access to Medicine Foundation for its first '50 Companies that are Changing the World' list. The Foundation was interviewed about the healthcare companies nominated as companies that "achieve a positive social impact as part of their business models"

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Tara Prasad talks to the BBC about GSK/PATH malaria vaccine

24 July 2015 |

Talking to World Business Report on the BBC World Service, Lead Researcher Tara Prasad discusses the GSK/PATH malaria vaccine, its potential impact and affordability.

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Op-ed in the Guardian: how are pharma companies responding to MDG 5?

22 July 2015 |

Jay Iyer and Damiano de Felice from the Access to Medicine Foundation write about how pharmaceutical companies are taking action to improve maternal health, and make the case for tracking corporations as well as governments when it comes to meeting global development targets. 

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Findings from 2014 Access to Medicine Index in the Guardian

26 June 2015 |

The Guardian looks at whether pharmaceutical companies are changing their business approach in low and middle income countries, drawing on findings on pricing practices from the 2014 Access to Medicine Index.

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The New York Times benchmarks Japan companies using Access to Medicine Index

1 June 2015 |

Donald McNeil of the New York Times references Japanese companies' rankings in successive versions of the Access to Medicine Index, to provide a baseline for how this group of companies generally performs regarding access issues. 

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