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Top findings in Public Policy & Market Influence

Commitment to ethical behaviour does not correlate with good performance

All 20 companies commit to following at least a minimum code of practice for ethical marketing and all have codes of conduct governing bribery and corruption. Three-quarters report auditing their codes. However, 18 out of 20 companies were the subject of settlements or fines for corrupt behaviour, unethical marketing or breaches of competition law. Collectively, companies were found to have been accountable for almost 100 separate breaches. 

No simple correlation between a company’s incidence of breaches and its size

Due to their size and geographic each, larger companies may be exposed to greater risk of breaches of regulations or laws governing ethical corporate behaviour. However the Index finds that companies’ incidences of breaches do not directly increase with size and geographic reach, indicating that companies of all sizes can take measures to actively minimise the risk of breaches occurring. 

No company discloses payments to healthcare professionals in countries in scope

There has been a significant shift toward greater transparency in the US, as companies are now legally required to disclose their financial relationships with healthcare professionals. However, no company discloses the equivalent information in countries relevant to the Index. There is some indication of movement towards improving internal monitoring of these practices in Index countries, but greater public scrutiny would be valuable, especially in the wake of continuing evidence of unethical behaviour. 

Four companies waive rights to data exclusivity

Four companies have waived rights to data exclusivity for some products under certain conditions. One other has shown readiness to do so, describing the situations where it would waive such rights. This is a constructive, albeit limited, approach towards facilitating the entry of generic competition.  

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