Products and pipeline are meeting more needs

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More companies are developing more products.

Many companies have increased investment in relevant research and development since the last Index report, and some now devote as much as 20% of their pipeline to developing new products and adapting existing ones to address the needs of the poor. As well as investing more, companies are working together more often and sharing different types of information that can help advance various stages of research and development. The primary focus continues to be communicable diseases with the highest health burden – lower respiratory infections, diarrhoeal diseases, HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Although the neglected tropical diseases still receive insufficient investment, they are less neglected than in 2010 and have received a significant funding boost from the private sector. Among this group, African trypanasomiasis,  leishmaniasis and Chagas disease receive the most investment but there continues to be little, if any, investment for leprosy, soil-transmitted helminths, yaws, Buruli ulcer, dracunculiasis or fascioliasis.

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