Increasing the robustness of the Index through expert review

2 November 2012 |

Analysing the data provided by the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and cross-checking it with other sources involves a thorough process that takes at least two months. This year, to make the Index even more robust, we engaged some of the best experts in the field of global health to support the team in this process by providing technical review of the analysis. “We are continuously looking to improve the Index, which is why we believe adding this extra step to the process will add real value,” says Ed Monchen, COO of the Access to Medicine Foundation. 

Schematic overview of the analysis 

Pulling it all together

Once the MSCI ESG Research team had analysed and validated the data on the 20 individual pharma companies against 103 indicators, the Index team started working in September on the analysis of how the companies compared with each other in each of the key areas of activity. This team of analysts and writers is rating companies’ performance against what the Index defines as ‘access-to-medicine-oriented’ behaviour. The team determines the leaders, risers and fallers, and highlights best practices, putting them into context, including consideration of the investor perspective. These findings are reviewed and cross-checked by technical experts in the fields of pricing, intellectual property, and research and development.  

Supervisory Board member Hans Hogerzeil has been engaged for an overall review and strategic guidance of the report. Afshin Mehrpouya, Lead Analyst for the Access to Medicine Index 2010, provides overall quality control and ensures consistency with the 2010 Index.

This approach takes the production of the Index, and the interpretation of the data, to a new level of refinement for 2012.

The 2012 Index in the making

The Index team convened several times over the summer and autumn at our headquarters in Haarlem and in London to shape the report.

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