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Top findings in Product Donations & Philanthropic Activities

Neglected tropical diseases are the main focus of donations activities

More than half of the companies in the Index are engaging in structured donation programmes, amounting to 28 programmes in total. Collectively, they target some communicable and non-communicable diseases, as well as ten neglected tropical diseases. The latter stand out for their long-term commitments and wide geographic scopes, frequently covering large proportions of endemic regions. Since 2012, four new structured donation programmes have been initiated.

Majority of companies ensure donation programmes meet high standards

More than half of companies have donation policies that fully adhere to the WHO Interagency Guidelines for Medicine Donations (Revised 2010), with another five companies approaching these standards. Furthermore, most companies that engage in product donations have policies or procedures for ensuring quality along the entire supply chain. Five companies have newly implemented such procedures or policies since 2012.

Philanthropic initiatives are becoming more needs-based

Compared to 2012, more companies are taking a more strategic, needs-based approach to their philanthropic activities. All of the philanthropic activities captured by the Index align with either international health priorities, such as the Millennium Development Goals, or to national health priorities. The best performing companies often have a separate foundation to manage their initiatives, and conform with the best practices identified by the Index. 

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