The Context

It is estimated that more than a billion people do not have access to the medicine they need.

Access to medicine is a basic social right, yet each year millions of people die due to preventable and treatable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, malaria and tuberculosis. Others succumb to preventable maternal conditions or neonatal infections, or suffer needlessly from chronic or neglected diseases that could be eliminated. Too many cases remain untreated simply because communities around the world continue to live beyond the reach of adequate, affordable medicine.

Who we are

The Access to Medicine Foundation is an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to addressing the challenges of access to medicine worldwide. Based in the Netherlands, the Foundation publishes the Access to Medicine Index, the first Index of its kind to rank pharmaceutical companies with respect to their efforts to improve global access to medicine. In doing so, we aim to improve access to medicine for people in need by encouraging the pharmaceutical industry to accept a greater role in facilitating access to medicine. 

Towards greater transparency 

The challenges of access to medicine are too great to be resolved single-handedly. Therefore, we call on the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to join with other public and private stakeholders in a spirit of co-operation, not competition. We aim to support the pharmaceutical industry on a path towards greater transparency, to allow companies to develop best practices in access to medicine and to present the outcomes to the outside world.


Why an Index?

The goal of the Access of Medicine Index is to supply pharmaceutical companies, investors, governments, academics, non-governmental organisations and the general public with independent, balanced and cohesive information on individual pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to improve global access to medicine. We strive to provide pharmaceutical companies with a transparent means by which they can assess, monitor and improve their own performance and their public and investment profiles.

By publicly recognising companies for their investments in access to medicine, we raise awareness of relevant issues within pharmaceutical companies and allow other stakeholders to follow the industry's progress. Consistent iterations of the Index highlight industry trends and provide a basis for multi-stakeholder dialogue and solution-building. 


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